Weighed Down By Accusations

Are you weighed down by false accusations?

I woke up this morning to face a rude accusation from a neighbor. He accused me of colluding with power supply officials to switch his phases with mine. And what was his reason? My light was brighter than his. But unknown to him, my bright supply came from a phase that’s taken from a different pole. Even though another neighbor came out to defend me, his mind was already made up, and he kept on with his accusations and names calling.

Have you ever been falsely accused?
And no matter how much you tried to explain, you couldn’t make anyone see your innocence?
Or maybe you are under false accusations right now.

The effects of false accusations can be so devastating. This is, especially owing to the fact that your reputation and your name are at stake.
Accusations wound your self-worth or ego. The goal of false accusations is to weigh you down with condemnation and shame, to create suspicion in the minds of others about you, and to make you sink into loneliness. Your inability to make anyone see the truth can make you feel so helpless or powerless.

In trying to deal with accusing voices, you must know the source of your accusations. In Revelation 12:10, the Bible shows us the source of all accusations.

“…For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down.” (NIV)

Satan is called the accuser. He is the source of all accusations – whether they are happening in the secret, in your mind or they’re coming from outside, from someone else.
His work is to steal, kill, and destroy. Satan is after your joy and peace. He wants to make you depressed and sad. And he uses whoever yields themselves to him as willing tools.

The accusations are not about you, but the accuser. So take it easy on yourself. God Who sees in secret knows what the truth is. And you also know that you’re innocent. So don’t allow those depressing thoughts to spoil your day. Cast them down. Resist the devil’s accusations. Stand in the place of prayer and challenge those lies. For there’s no condemnation against those who are Christ’s.

You may be thinking of what others may be thinking about you. That’s their own problem. If they choose to believe you, that’s good for them. If they don’t, that’s their business. Don’t go through life hurting, because some persons have chosen to doubt you. Go on with your life, knowing that God is on your side. God’s report is different from theirs. And His report is what really counts in your life.

Cheer up dear one. For God is for you; no one’s accusations can stand against you.

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6 Replies to “Weighed Down By Accusations”

  1. Today after going through this message, I feel great peace, joy and liberation in my spirit knowing that God is on my side and his report about me is what really counts. Thank you sir.

  2. Thanks Sir Najime, am blessed knowing regardless of what others think of false accusations against me, I can be rest assured God is for me as long as I am innocent and take my stand in the place of prayer casting such down! Am blessed.

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