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Prince Najime’s NO ORDINARY LOVE series, Vol.1: I LOVE YOU, is a book of
affirmation. It is straight from God’s heart to ours. This is a
simple yet powerful message of love, grace, value and security. It
is a clarion call to all of us – all the fulfilment we seek will be found
when we yield to the unconditional power of God’s love.

With sweetly interwoven words, Prince shows us that God still is
the Master of romance. These words, as you read them, will pull
at the very strings of your heart, and stir up in you a longing for
what He wishes for you.

God is love. He is in love with us and wishes us to know Him not on a
superficial level. He wants depth with us; in the words we say to
Him, in the experience we have with Him. The book bares God’s
mind for us unashamedly. It is a love that has lasted through the
ages. It is a love that will last till the end of time! Why? Because
Daddy loves us that much!


4 reviews for I LOVE YOU

  1. Prince Najime

    God’s love is the mother of true inner security. For when we know that He loves and cares about us affectionately, all fear is gone!
    And we are liberated from the torment of having to live with fear.
    Great work here.

  2. Beatrice Najime

    Thanks for bringing out the matchless truths of God’s extravagant and eternal love for me with such simple yet profound words. I am greatly Loved! Now I can live life to the fullest and fearlessly look forward to eternity because daddy God loves me.

  3. Glory Onekpe

    No ordinary Love (I Love You), is such an inspirational, captivating and interesting book, trust me, if you read it once you just want to read it over and over again!
    One uniqueness of the book is the fact that you can read it in less than 30 minutes, I kid you not. The beauty about this length for me is that, I can easily meditate on the words!

    Oh mine, the words are powerful, all about love and love and love… It is always refreshing and overwhelming for me to know how much the Father loves me!???? and this is what this book did to me when I first ready it, it is an experience I do not want to end…

    Do you want to know and know more of Father’s sacrificial agape love?
    Do you want to know or know more of whom this love has made you?
    Where love has placed you?
    What love has given you to live an excellent life?
    What you can do with this love?
    And what this love can do through you?

    Get just a copy of No Ordinary love (I Love You)! and let it transform your life!

    No ordinary love is simply a “no ordinary book”?
    Thank you Daddy Prince for blessing us!

  4. Fredrick (verified owner)

    Wow, anytime I read this book it feels so personal, i can hear the voice of God in every note, thank you so much my mentor, God continue to bless you richly in Jesus Christ name.

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