World-Conquering Beliefs

World-Conquering Beliefs!

Happy new year friends!

We shall start this year with something very basic, but pivotal to a life of success and victory. We shall start with BELIEFS.

Our beliefs influence how we respond to life and people. And different beliefs have varying influences on us. For instance, your beliefs about a particular person will affect the way you think and feel about that person, and even the meanings you attach to his or her behavior. But these specific beliefs may not affect your attitude towards other people.

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The Root of Greed is Insecurity

The root of greed is insecurity born out of a deception!

I spent some time on this Bible verse, and my eyes got opened to something I had not seen before. I was seeing, in a new light that, the greedy longing to have more and more, is rooted in an insecurity, which is born out of deception.
Let’s take a look at the Scripture.

“Speaking to the people, he went on, ” Take care! Protect yourself against the least bit of greed. Life is not defined by what you have, even when you have a lot.”
(Luke 12:15, MSG)

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Compassion Saves Your Heart From Becoming Hardened

Compassion saves your heart from becoming hardened!

In a a previous post, we saw that the Creator had blessed each of us with a HEART OF COMPASSION. That’s a heart with the capacity to feel God’s deep feelings for the pains or sufferings of people, and the strong desire to alleviate them.

The heart is a spiritual sense organ just the same way we have physical sense organs. The physical sense organs make us aware of the physical environment. The heart is the organ of spiritual touch. God reaches us through our hearts. Through our heart, we become aware of what God’s heartbeat.

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Living from the heart of compassion is what I call living authentically!

To live authentically is to live life true to who you really are; to live from the centre or core of your being; to be in touch with and completely yield to your inner deep wiring.

Our hearts were designed for COMPASSION.
When the all-wise God was making you, He carefully placed within you something called BOWEL or a HEART of COMPASSION – the capacity to be able to enter into someone else’s world and feel what they are feeling.

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Forgive And Embrace Yourself

Forgive and embrace yourself. For God isn’t holding a grudge against you!

We invest one more day looking at what it really means to be loved by God. And today we shall focus on His unconditional forgiveness.

Last week a brother of mine had some issues with his health. And when he got to a pharmacist, he was diagnosed of typhoid and malaria fever. He was given appropriate medication, and by the next day, the guy was on his feet again. Praise God!

However, the most interesting part of his story is that, when a certain pastor, who felt that the guy had disrespected her (even though the guy in question didn’t even know he had wronged her!) heard about his health challenge, she said that the young man was sick because he had disrespected her.

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Accept Yourself

Accept Yourself!

When God says “I love you,” He meant that He has ACCEPTED YOU. So go right on ahead and accept yourself for who you are, irrespective of whether someone else accepts you or not.

We are all driven by the need for acceptance. It’s a God-given need built deep into everyone of us.

The world is more starved of unconditional love and acceptance than it is of food and safe drinking water. This famine isn’t only in the ghettoes of the world, but also in the palaces. It’s a plaque of both the rich and the poor; the young and the old; the weak and the strong alike; the civilized and the primitive.

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Energized For Love

Energized For Love!

Have you ever felt like you can take it no more with some persons in your life?
Or maybe you have to put up with a nagging parent or an “impossible” employer, and you’re beginning to feel you have endured for so long and can’t go any further?
Or maybe you outrightly feel like you don’t have the energy to love.

Relationships demand and take alot from us – emotionally, mentally and physically. And for difficult ones, it can be really exhausting, taking every ounce of your emotional strength.

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Live Life Unrestrained

Live Life Unrestrained. Unfettered. Unshackled.

We were wired for love. Yes, love. That’s why nothing gives you a sense of well-being as loving and being loved.

Oftentimes, we don’t live true to this wiring. We hold back from living the love life. We deny our true God-shaped selves the freedom to express ourselves – love and be loved. And when we do that, little do we realize that we are holding back from living authentically.

So what is stopping you from being authentic?
What’s stopping you from living your life the way you were designed to function?
For some it is fear. Fear of being left. Fear of losing their freedom. Fear of rejection. Fear of misconstruction. Fear of not being hot or good enough. Fear of the opinions of other people. The list goes on.

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God’s Love Won’t Let You Down

God’s Love Will Never Fail You

Have you ever been to a place in your life, where it seemed like God had turned His back on you?
Or the idea of His love didn’t make sense any longer?
I have been there.

The death of my father ripped such a deep wound in my heart. It wasn’t only in my heart, but in our home generally. It was such a tough time for us. And for me, especially, since I was beginning to experience a deep, meaningful relationship with my father. It happened at a time when I was pursuing my University admission. And worst still, he passed on right before my eyes, in a hospital. That’s so much for a seventeen year old.
The thought of having to face the future without my dad was simply terrifying. While I was doing my best to put myself together, like everyone expected me to, deep down my heart, I had troubling questions. Hard questions that demanded answers.
“If God really loved me, like I thought He did, why would He let that happen to me?”

“Would my father have lived, if I had prayed more?”

“How was I going to face life, feeling so weak and vulnerable?”

I really struggled with the idea of a loving Father, letting me go through such grief. However, in spite of all my struggles, somehow, God helped me to go through that difficult time of my life. And in spite of my questions, I noticed a quiet in my heart that I couldn’t explain.

The Psalmist tells us something pivotal about the true nature of God. He says,
“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever.”
(Psalm 136:1, ESV)

God is good. He is the superlative of goodness. He is no evil. God is light, and there’s not a trace of darkness in Him. God never sends evil our way. Neither does He punish us with evil. He is intrinsically good. And eternally bent on doing us good only. While we may not be able to always explain why bad things happen to us, whom God loves, we know for sure that He is not the author of evil. And His heart grieves when we hurt. Not only that, but He also helps us rise above the pains and the hurt. He comforts us, when we are afflicted. And builds His comfort within us, so that we can also comfort others who may be going through similar ordeals. Evil is never God-sent, however, when it befalls us, God forges it into a greater good for us. By His divine power, He turns things around for our good.

One of the things I noticed after I had healed from the loss of my father, was a deep feeling for those who lost their fathers. I could connect with their fears and concerns. And I noticed that I could easily talk to them. I feel compassion for them.

Practical Tips On Letting Go

Letting go is an act that everyone has to master, to live an offense-free life.

Life is lived on purpose. You don’t wait for life to happen to you. No, you plan for it. While we may not be able to always predict what may come our way tomorrow, to a large extent, we can determine what our responses should be. For instance, I have already determined in my heart that I shall live a life of prompt forgiveness, no matter what. I have decided, with God’s help, that I will never carry grudges in my mind. I understand that some hurt may be deeper, but I also know that I can always count on the Holy Spirit, to stay true to my resolve. A friend once offended me, and when he came apologizing, I told him, “I forgave you, even before you did what you did.” You needed to see the look on his face!

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