Accept Yourself

Accept Yourself!

When God says “I love you,” He meant that He has ACCEPTED YOU. So go right on ahead and accept yourself for who you are, irrespective of whether someone else accepts you or not.

We are all driven by the need for acceptance. It’s a God-given need built deep into everyone of us.

The world is more starved of unconditional love and acceptance than it is of food and safe drinking water. This famine isn’t only in the ghettoes of the world, but also in the palaces. It’s a plaque of both the rich and the poor; the young and the old; the weak and the strong alike; the civilized and the primitive.

God designed your soul to thrive and flourish in love and acceptance. Without these, the soul is diseased and infirmed. And can’t function effectively. We can see the effects of rejection in the soul in our relationships, marriages, careers, ministries, etc

When we don’t have meaningful acceptance, we feel rejection. This could come from our own parents, friends, colleagues, teachers or any other authority figure in our lives.

For instance, a child who is born into a family at a time it’s not wanted, for whatever reasons, may feel rejected. Or may be the child isn’t the sex the parents were expecting. Their disappointment communicates rejection to the child’s mind.

Rejection can result to all kinds of disorders, such as poor self-image, low self-worth, self-rejection, depression, lesbianism, etc

There are varying degrees of rejection. And this depends on the level of closeness or intimacy with the person that rejected you.

You may have been carrying rejection in your soul all your life, but there’s a good news. The good news is this: God have accepted you, and unconditionally too!

God’s love has no rejection. His love is patient with your weaknesses. His love is eternally bent on doing you the highest good. God’s love for you isn’t dependent on your goodness. Hence, your failures can never turn Him away.

God’s love never keeps a record of your wrongs. He had already forgiven them in Christ Jesus. And if you will only yield to His immeasurable love for you, you will lead such a triumphant life.

Live life loved of God and watch your soul prosper. Because your entire life is tied to the well-being of your soul.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in every way and [that your body] may keep well, even as [I know] your soul keeps well and prospers.”
(3John 2, AMP)

You’re only as prosperous as your soul. Nothing less. Nothing more. Your success at relationships, marriage, career, business depends a lot on whether or not your soul feels secure. Accepting Father God’s unconditional love, drives out rejection and the fear of it from our minds.

Receive the Father’s unconditional acceptance today and prosper in your soul!
Let His incredibly lavish love wash over your soul, cleansing and healing it from the wounds of rejection.

A friendly reminder!

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  1. God has accepted me unconditionally. He is bent on doing me the highest good. Thanks !

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