She came home to a burning house, with neighbours making frantic efforts to put out the fire. Her heart skipped, and her mother instinct instantly came alive. Her baby was still in the building, and she must save her life. Her neighbours tried to restrain her, but could not; She kicked, slapped and bite. She must do all she could to reach her baby and rescue her from eminent death. She was not afraid of the fire.

She scorned the scorching heat and made her way through the choking smoke, to reach her baby. The mother took her baby who was sound, wrapped her in a blanket, and headed for the door. And when she finally emerged out of the fire, gasping for air, she was a wreck; she was burnt all over. Yet her scarred hands held tightly to her baby. The baby was safe; her mama protected her with her own body. For she was her own child; her very flesh and blood.

In Zechariah 2:8, God spoke through the prophet to the Israelites, and now to YOU. He said to them, and now says to YOU, “Whoever touches you touches the apple of his eye.”

The New Living Translation puts it this way:

“Anyone who harms you harms my most precious possession.”

God calls YOU His most precious possession; the apple of His eye!
The apple of the eye is that fragile spherical inner part of the eye. And you know, when a stone is headed your direction, your hands instinctively go the eyes, to cover and protect them.
God loves you the same way, but only much much more. He wants to protect you, like a mother her child, but only much much more. He treasures you as His most precious possession. And He wants you to know it. He wants you to know just how much He cherishes and adores you. He loves you with a fierce love. And He wants to put His arms around you, to protect you, right in the midst of the “fires” of life.

Come home to His love!

“We are Christ’s ambassadors. God is using us to speak to you: we beg you, as though Christ himself were pleading with you, RECEIVE THE LOVE HE OFFERS YOU – be reconciled to God.”

(2Corinthians 5:20, TLb, emphasis mine)

Dear precious one, God loves you with a fierce love. He proved it through the radical gift of His Son, Jesus Christ on the Cross for you, that you might live. You are not about to turn your back on such great a love! Are you?

A friendly reminder!

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