You Are No Accident

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YOU ARE NO ACCIDENT is a masterpiece of brevity.
The book adresses one of the deep-seated and hard-wired longings of every human heart – the need for life to have meaning and purpose; the longing to know that we are not just drifting aimlessly through life, but that there is a point to our existence; the craving for our life to count for something.

The author, uniquely, in his usual simple, yet profound style, takes you right into the Father’s heart, to reveal His love-plan and purpose for your life.

These Love Notes unlock the pleasure and desire of the Father’s heart for you, His Child. They’re from the passion of His heart to the passion of your heart.

Discover undying love, meaning, purpose and significance for your life.


1 review for You Are No Accident

  1. Beatrice Najime

    In a world of endless accidents (unplanned, unintended events and consequences) it’s exhilarating to have you reaffirm to me that Am No Accident. God was intentional about me. He put careful thoughts and plans into my life and so I cannot be thoughtless nor careless about what I do with my life.

    I am No Accident and My purpose won’t happen to humanity by accident; I have to apply myself to it and that am committed to doing. Thanks again for another rich yet simple and engaging classic.

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