Made For Intimacy

You were made for intimacy!

God made the birds to fly and the fishes to swim. God made you for love and intimacy. To live life unloved is like clipping the wings of a bird or the fins of a fish. It’s to be unfulfilled.

After God made man, the Bible tells us something deep about the man God created. “And God said, it is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.”
(Genesis 2:18)

Did you see that?
You were made for connection, relationship, intimacy, communion. Outside of this, you malfunction.

Man’s first relationship was with his Manufacturers, God. He first spoke and shared with Him. God’s original intention wasn’t to create servants or slaves to serve Him. No! If that’s all about it, then man would not be needed, because God already had myriads of angels. However, God wanted a family of sons (males and females). He wanted sons He could share His life with.

You know, God is love. And it’s the nature of love to share. So God wanted to share His life and nature with man. He wanted to give you His peace, especially when you’re going through some storms. He wanted to share His joy with you, especially when you’re grieving or sad. He wanted you to share in His righteousness.

Not only did God want to share His life with you, but He also wants to share in your own life with you. He wanted to be in touch with your realities. God wants to share in my life? Yes, your life! He wants to be a part of your struggles. He wants to be with you in your grief. He wants to help you out of those things you’re even ashamed to talk about. God wants to take your brokenness and piece it together into something beautiful and attractive.

Yes, that temptation that always makes your trip, God wants to help you find the strength to overcome it. You need to know that He isn’t irritated with you. God isn’t depressed by your failures. God isn’t even expecting you to walk perfectly. Because He knows that you can’t, without Him. All He wants is for you to trust Him enough to let Him help you.

Will you let Him help you today?
Life wasn’t meant to be lived alone. You were not made to go it alone. You were made for intimacy with the Father. That’s where your life, joy, peace, strength flows out from.

Kindly ask God to come and walk this path of life together with you today.

A friendly reminder!

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  1. True. Man is a relational being and the most important of all relationships is that with God. In God we have our being. We cannot truly live without Him.

  2. God isn’t looking for slaves or servants, He wants sons and daughters. I’m made for that purpose-intimacy. Thank you sir, am blessed.

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