Tame Your Mind

You should be in control of your mind. Your mind was not given to you to run your life. No!
Go gave you a mind to help manifest in the natural the richness He has deposited in your spirit man.
However, if you let the mind, it will run your life! You’re not about to do that, are you?

Your mind needs attention and care. If you don’t attend to it, it will grow all kinds of weeds and become wild. And who wants to have a wild, unrestrained, and undisciplined mind?

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If You Are Afraid This Is Why


Emotions have messages. Feelings don’t just happen; they are triggered by your thoughts. This means that different emotions are caused by different thought patterns. Emotions, in a way, are your thoughts finding expressions through your feelings. So your emotions carry messages that reflect what you have been thinking about and how you have been thinking. For instance, when you feel guilty, it means that you have broken one of your principles. It means you have done or said something that you consider as being wrong.
Shame communicates that you think yourself unworthy, because you have done something stupid, hence, not deserving of acceptance or love.
When you feel disappointment, it simply means that an expectation you had was not met or you have been let down. Worry means that you are not adequately prepared for what’s coming. So what message does fear communicate?

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You Can Choose To Be Healed

You can choose to be healed in your emotions and mind today.

We continue our talk on emotional healing and wholeness. And I shall be building on the foundation I laid the previous day.

Jesus called the Holy Spirit Comforter. The Spirit of God is our Comforter. And He lives right in our heart. When you are brokenhearted, know that the Holy Spirit lives right in the centre of that brokenness. He lives with and feels your hurt and pain. He isn’t ashamed of your brokenness. Neither is He depressed by it. No!

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